Kinley's Profile

Kinley Lam is a Senior Lecturer from School of Science and Engineering at CUHK(SZ). He received his bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University and his Master’s from University of Waterloo, both in Computer Science. Currently he also serves as the Chief Engineer at Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data (SRIBD), chaired and directed by Professor Tom Luo, Vice President (Academic) of CUHK(SZ).

Prior to joining CUHK(SZ) in 2016 he has held various technical positions as Director, Software Architect and Software Manager.

He has diverse technical knowledge in software development. His expertise is in designing and developing large-scale computer systems for high-performance, mission-critical applications of high availability and high reliability, utilizing technologies of server clusters and mobile computing, and leveraging scalable, distributed services-based architecture design.

He has developed and implemented numerous computer systems for warehouse and storage facilities, airlines, biochemical laboratories as well as finance and banking services.

Software Implementation

The following is a list of companies installed with the computer systems for which he was the key technical member of the development team.

  • Air Canada, Pearson Airport, Canada

    Fully automated, enterprise warehouse system including multi-rack storage, buildup and breakdown, flight staging, cargo loading and unloading, work-order dispatch, fleet management, weight and balance, asset tracking, flight information display, GPS, and real-time anomaly detection.

  • TNT, Liege, Belgium

    High-speed parcel package delivery and storage system with multi-lane staging area, dynamic routing, pick-and-store workstations, alarm and real-time tracking in graphical display.

  • Hisense, Qingdao, China

    Architect of a data-driven, online and on-demand, video content based recommendation system for smart TV.

    Development of a high-density, high-intelligent bio-specimen storage device designed for laboratories where space is at premium, with inventory management and control, including real-time tracking, automated inventory auditing & shuffling, order prefetching, temporary storage, anomaly detection, activity logging and intuitive UI.

  • China Eastern Airlines, Guangzhou, China

    Fully automated, enterprise warehouse system including cargo storage, flight staging, cargo loading and unloading, flight information display, conveying system, and real-time anomaly detection.

  • Asiana Airlines, Incheon, South Korea

    Fully automated multi-storey, pick-and-store box system for cargo containers.

  • Japan Airlines, JFK International Airport, NY City/USA

    Fully automated, multi-storey warehouse for storage and retrieval of air-cargo containers, including multi-level conveying systems, and buildup and breakdown of cargo containers.

  • IBM, Distribution Center, Canada

    Multi-storey, multi-carousel based pick-order system for computer parts and electronic components.

  • New Zealand Milk, Southeast Asia

    Re-architect of an existing mainframe based finance and inventory control and management system to client-server based model.

  • Johnson & Johnson, Southeast Asia

    Enterprise infrastructure, networking and systems integration, including mail server, remote access, database management and server-to-server replication

  • Standard Chartered Bank, London, England/UK

    Deployment of a standardized finance information system to regional division of finance banking in India, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and Taiwan.