1. Nano-fabrication and microlasers characteristics

Toward high-speed modulation, dense integration and low-energy consumption micro-lasers for photonic integrate circuits. We design and fabricate micro-scale lasers with ultra-high quality factor and ultra-small mode volume, such as photonic crystal lasers, microdisk lasers or microring lasers. Some fabrication facilities including E-beam lithography to design nano-pattern and ICP-RIE dry-etching to transfer patterns through active layer. The demonstrated laser wavelength range from 540 nm to 1310 nm based on various materials, such as InGaP/InGaAlP QWs, InAs QDs.

2. Micro lasers on silicon

Monolithic integration of efficient III–V light-emitting sources on planar on-axis Si (001) has been recognized as an enabling technology for realizing Si-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We present InAs/GaAs quantun dots microdisk lasers (subwavelength scale), as well as photonic crystal lasers monolithically grown on on-axis Si (001) substrate with an ultra-low lasing threshold at room temperature under continuous-wave optical pumping, which represent a major advance towards large-scale, low-cost integration of laser sources on the Si platform.

3. Flexible microlasers

We presented visible and flexible microlasers operating at low threshold embedded in a flexible polymer substrate, of which the spectra are sensitive to the flexible substrate deformation. The flexible microlasers can be functioned as microscale local strain gauges with low-power consumption and tunable light sources.