Tianshu Yu, 于天舒

Tianshu Yu 

Assistant professor, [CV]

School of Data Science

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Email: yutianshu [at] cuhk [dot] edu [dot] cn

Address: Daoyuan building 420c, CUHKSZ


Ph.D. student recruitment

I am always looking for highly self-motivated Ph.D. students with solid mathematical background and programming skill to join my group. Application for 2023 is open. Potential research topics includes (but not limited to):

  • Machine learning for combinatorial problems
  • Efficient sampling
  • Learning for sequential data
  • Generative model for discrete structure
Tuition and competitive stipend will be fully covered. Contact me by email if you are interested. Please attach your CV, all transcripts (undergraduate/graduate level) and research interest in your email.
You can refer to PhD/MPhil in CS program for more details in terms of the application.

RA recruitment

I am also recruiting RAs starting anytime. Background on the following fields is particularly expected:

  • Machine learning for discrete problems
  • Optimization for combinatorial problems
  • Learning with differential equations
Contact me by email if you are interested. Please attach your CV.

Short Bio

I joined SDS@CUHKSZ as an assistant professor on Sep, 2021. Previously I got my Ph.D. in computer science at Arizona State University, advised by professor Baoxin Li.

My research interest covers several aspects of machine learning and discrete optimization. Generally, I like investigating theory and applications on machine learning of combinatorial problem on graph, and seeking its interpretation under deep learning framework.


Chenguang Wang (王晨光), PhD student, Sep 2022 -

Chaolong Ying (应潮龙), PhD student, Sep 2022 -

Xuanhao Pan (潘宣昊), PhD student, Sep 2022 -

Ruiying Liu (刘蕊颖), PhD student (co-supervised with Ruimao Zhang), Sep 2022 -

Bohan Zhuang (庄博涵), MPhil student, Sep 2022 -

Biaolin Wen (温标林), MSc student, July 2022 -

Zihan Zhou (周子涵), undergraduate, Oct 2021 -

Haoyu Zhang (张浩宇), RA, Aug 2021 -

Weihuang Wen (温伟煌), RA, Apr 2022 -


CSC3100 (21fall, 22summer)

CSC1001 (21fall)




Honors and Awards